Curtis Miles, Ed.D.,
Piedmont Technical College
Phyllis Grummon, Ph.D.
Michigan State University


Students have many approaches to learning, studying, taking tests, and completing papers and projects. Your academic style and skills have a lot to do with your accomplishments-and with how much time and effort you need to spend in order to succeed.

Inventory of Classroom Style and Skills (INCLASS) helps you to assess yourself in seven areas of academic style and skills. Most of them are changeable. If they work, keep them. If they don't, you can change them. But first you need to understand them.

That's where INCLASS can help. The results will help you to figure out which behaviors and habits you might want to keep, and which you might want to change.


INCLASS is an assessment tool designed to measure your academic style and skills. Upon submission and approval of your school number, 40 statements will be presented. You are to read each statement and then select a response according to the following key:

<--- Click on the pull-down menu to the left to select your response.

To help you decide which responses to select, we would like to explain what is meant by each term.

  • By Almost never like me, does not necessarily mean that the statement would never describe you, but it would only be true of you in rare instances.
  • By Occasionally like me, means that the statement would not usually be true of you, but would fit you every once in a while.
  • By Moderately like me, means that the statement would be true of you fairly often.
  • By Quite a bit like me, means that the statement would generally be true of you most of the time.
  • By Almost always like me, does not necessarily mean that the statement would always describe you, but that it would be true of you almost all the time.

Before you begin it is important to know whether you have taken the INCLASS previously. Choose the correct box below.

First Administration

If this is your first time taking the INCLASS, enter your school number, user name, and password into the space below and click the "Submit" button to continue.

Enter Your School Number:

Enter Your User Name:

Enter Your Password:

Second Administration

If you are taking this assessment for the second time (Post-Test), enter your school number and your student key into the spaces below and click the "Take Post-Test" button.

Enter Your School Number:

* Enter Your Student Key:

*Note: Your student key was issued the first time you took the INCLASS. If you misplaced your student key, your advisor/instructor can look it up for you.